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Friends of PM Press – UK & EU membership

(if you live on or near the North American continent get your FOPM membership at the US site by clicking this bit<)

Radical publishing is a strange world; but it’s fun – and we’d like you to join in! By becoming a Friend of PM Press you’ll be helping to finance our future print runs; and in exchange you’ll get a copy of every book we publish sent to your door/window/hole in the ground, 50% off all retail prices on our websites, and our not-inconsiderable gratitude.

These are indisputably momentous times – the financial system is boiling over as capital continues its drive to consume more and more of the planet. Now more than ever there is a vital need for radical ideas.

Since its founding in 2007 – and on a mere shoestring – PM Press has risen to the formidable challenge of publishing and distributing knowledge and entertainment for the struggles ahead. With over 450 releases to date, we have published an impressive and stimulating array of literature, art, music, politics, and culture. Using every available medium, we’ve succeeded in connecting those hungry for ideas and information to those putting them into practice.

Friends of PM allows you to directly help impact, amplify, and revitalize the discourse and actions of radical writers, filmmakers, and artists. It provides us with a stable foundation from which we can build upon our early successes and provides a much-needed subsidy for the materials that can’t necessarily pay their own way. You can help make that happen – and receive every new title automatically delivered to your door once a month – by joining as a Friend of PM Press.

Once we get the books from the printers (and over the Atlantic) we’ll send out one parcel of books each month.

To get a FoPM subscription sent to an address in the UK – it’ll cost £25/£30 a month, and for an address within Royal Mail’s “europe” postal zone, there’ll be a postage surcharge each month [between £1 and £8 depending on how big the parcel is]. For addresses outside of the “europe” posting area, the surcharge will range between £2 and £17.

The FoPM levels:


If you’re interested in signing up for this, just drop an email using the contact form on this page and we’ll let you know how to set up the standing order. Or, add a FoPM item to your shopping basket*.

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* coming soon, once we work out how to do it properly!