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Welcome to the submissions page. Submit to us. Bend the knee ?

The big decisions happen over on the other side of the pond – if you want to go straight there just click HERE – that page has a lot more detail.
But it doesn’t explain the process like this:
Good submissions go to this:? ✍️?⌨️?⌛️?❤️??
Bad submissions go like this: ?

If you’ve met a PM human in the Ugly Kingdom/Europe and spoken about your proposal then get in touch with us because we’ll be able to save the folk over there some time by either telling you to get lost or advocating for your submission.

This is what you need to do:
Send an email to europe(at) titled: “Submission to eu: [insert your project title]”
In that email please mention which PM human you spoke to (so we can make sure they get involved in reviewing and advocating for it), where you met them, and then give us the following details about your proposal:

  • A summary of the work
  • Why it was written/is being written
  • Why people will buy it
  • Its intended audience
  • Why it’s a fit for PM
  • Are you talking to any other publishers?
  • A brief bio for all authors and contributors, along with any previous books, anthologies, or publications they have been published in
  • A table of contents and brief synopsis of each chapter (including an indication of length, photos, illustrations, etc.)