Becoming the Media: A Critical History of Clamor Magazine

Jen Angel

An analysis of the birth and life of Clamor Magazine.


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Clamor Magazine was a movement publication that existed between 2000 and 2006, covering radical politics, culture, and activism. Clamor published 38 issues and featured over 1,000 different writers and artists. The mission statement was:

Clamor is a quarterly print magazine and online community of radical thought, art, and action. An iconoclast among its peers, Clamor is an unabashed celebration of self-determination, creativity, and shit-stirring. Clamor publishes content of, by, for, and with marginalized communities. From the kitchen table to shop floor, the barrio to the playground, the barbershop to the student center, it’s old school meets new school in a battle for a better tomorrow. Clamor is a do-it-yourself guide to everyday revolution.


This analysis is presented as a case study on how movement projects and organizations deal with vital but rarely discussed issues such as management, sustainability, ownership, structure, finance, decision making, power, diversity, and vision.


An excellent piece. I learned a great deal from reading it. I think it’s a great contribution that lots of folks will find very useful in future projects, and not just media projects.” —Max Elbaum, author, Revolution in the Air

“An extremely valuable resource, and very well done.” — Jordan Flaherty, Left Turn Magazine

About the Author:

Jen Angel has been a writer and media activist for over 15 years. Jen’s publishing history includes Clamor, publishing the Zine Yearbook, and editing MaximumRockNRoll. She is a founding board member of Allied Media Projects, a non-profit independent media advocacy organization and a contributing editor to Yes! Magazine. Since leaving Clamor, she has worked as a producer for KPFA Radio, and a publicist and tour manager through the cooperative booking agency, Aid & Abet.

She blogs on media and activism at

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Author: Jen Angel

Publisher: PM Press

Published: April 2008

ISBN: 978-1-60486-022-1

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Subjects: Media, Activism

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