Dented Book Bundles! 30 books for £100

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Thirty books – £100 pound. Line up a whole year (or three) of books!

Or fill up a shelf and don’t read them if you’re trying to impress people (don’t do this).


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Grab a bundle of thirty books for £100 postage (within the Ugly Kingdom included). You won’t be able to pick the exact books, but we’ll have some new titles, some classics, and some backlist stuff.

Our distributor has returned a load of dented and folded copies – all the words are intact, they just look like they’ve been dropped off a coffee table.

Books that have a small scuff, a slight bump, a crease… anything a bookshop wants to send back finds its way, eventually, to the UK warehouse “cheapo” pile. Normally, we’d take this box with us to events, and offer people a big discount on anything in the box… but… we’ve not been able to get to a lot of events and the box (now boxes) are taking up too much room in the warehouse! So, please help make space!

Even if the cover or spine may be dinged up a smidge we promise all the words and art are there— and that’s the important bit!

We also have a number of titles from other publishers in our warehouse from when PM would table on their behalf, where appropriate – we’ll add in these titles to your bundle.

Please Note: No discount code will work with this item.

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