Sticker: We’ll Go Where Flowers Grow


A 7.5×10.5cm sticker of CrimethInc’s We’ll Go Where Flowers Grow


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A 7.5×10.5cm sticker of CrimethInc’s romantic verse, We’ll Go Where Flowers Grow



Sticker information:
Size: 7.5×10.5cm
Original artwork designer: CrimethInc
Sticker categories: crimethInc | solidarity
Manufactured: UK, by a worker cooperative
Materials: FSC paper, recycled stock, vegetable inks
Layout: Portrait
Adhesive side: reverse
Adhesion type: peel-back


About the design and poster:
– a full explanation is available on the crimethInc. website:


Short description from CrimethInc.
“In response to the efforts of various fascists and billionaires to silence and isolate us, we present this poster in the romantic tradition of the first generation of CrimethInc. projects—a gesture of faith in the boundless possibilities that remain ahead of us and of determination to continue to build and rebuild the ties that connect us. Our collective predates the era of social media. We have lived through many waves of repression, many setbacks. Our enthusiasm remains undimmed.”

Weight 1.8 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 10.5 × 0.01 cm