The Ghost in the Chess Machine

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A short story zine by Nick of Rudimentary Peni.


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A short story zine by Nick of Rudimentary Peni.

Publisher’s text:
“Many years ago Nick Blinko sent me [Jon Active] a copy of this A6 pocket size zine. With just 4 or 5 simple drawings and one short story with “Chess” in the title I did wonder if anyone would be interested. Then we got in to a long protracted discussion through a third party about doing the bla(n)ck version of his Primal Screamer book.

Then it all went quiet.

2018 came around and a crazy jigsaw puzzle project brought Nick and I back in to regular conversation. I asked him if he’d like me to revive the anonymous Primal Screamer project. We did that, its a weird and wonderfull version that is almost unsellable outside of a “knowing” audience. That done I thought it time to do the “Chess” zine too. Nick had said he had “done a few” back in the day, but no one I knew had heard of it before. Tempting to print 20 on a risograph with a card cover and keep it as a rare, collectable and “expensive” item. But that is not what Active is about and probably not what he wanted when he asked if I was interested in it. So here it is a last , 1000 have been printed, with an old school anarcho-punk cover price. Enjoy”

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