Imminent Rebellion [issue #13]

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An irregular anarchist journal from deep in the south pacific – 2014.

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Published and printed in 2014, by Rebel Press, Aotearoa – 2014.
This printing, London – 2014.

All the way from the South Seas I.R. is a smart anarchist magazine produced by Rebel Press. Active distro did a reprint in the UK of this issue so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get one!

Think Rolling Thunder but from the other side of the Pacific and the other side of the equator.

This issue includes:

  • a fascinating history of the Brisbane Self-Management Group
  • a photo-essay documenting a decade of resistance in Aotearoa
  • an introduction to anarcha-feminism or, why anarchism needs feminism and vice versa
  • the religious nature of 21st century capitalism
  • an interview with historian Michael Schmidt
  • a first-hand account of working in the front line of unions in Aotearoa
  • a critique of the criminal justice system

Plus a whole lot more.

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