population and migration [Dysophia #2]

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anarchist analysis of privilege in a time of climate chaos [written in 2010]

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“This edition of Dysophia strives to make sense of the interplay between the pressing issues of immigration control, population growth, and climate change. Critical of right-wing demagoguery and the opportunism of those in power, and questioning of reductionist environmental arguments raised by some on the Left, the contributors investigate contemporary current thinking on these times.

Critically, the submissions propose – in analytical yet accessible form – where we as anarchists should situate ourselves in these challenging debates.”

About the pamphlet:
Publisher: Dysophia
Printed: Footprint Workers’ co-op (Leeds, UK)
Publication date: October 2010
Contributors: Dónal O’Driscoll, Steph Davies, Javier Sethness, No Borders, Gemma Larson, Bob Hughes, Tomas Remiarz

About Dysophia:
The aim of Dysophia is to provide an introduction to concepts connected to ‘green anarchism’ and provide a space for a variety of viewpoints.

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