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Nick Mamatas

Love, Politics, Parasitic Manipulation. An underworld of radical political gestures and Internet organizing looking to overthrow a a ruling class it knows nothing about.


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Love. Politics. Parasitic manipulation. Julia Hernandez left her husband, shot a real-estate developer out to gentrify Brooklyn, and then vanished without a trace. Well, perhaps one or two traces were left… With different personal and consumption habits, Julia has slipped out of the world she knew and into the Simulacrum—a place between the cracks of our existence from which human history is both guided and thwarted by the conflict between a species of anarchist wasp and a collective of hyperintelligent spiders. When Julia’s ex-husband Raymond spots her in a grocery store he doesn’t usually patronize, he’s drawn into an underworld of radical political gestures and Internet organizing looking to overthrow a ruling class it knows nothing about—and Julia is the new media sensation of both this world and the Simulacrum.

Told ultimately from the collective point of view of another species, Sensation plays with the elements of the Simulacrum we all already live in: media reports, businessspeak, blog entries, text messages, psychological evaluation forms, and the always fraught and kindly lies lovers tell one another.


  • “Nick Mamatas continues his reign as the sharpest, funniest, most insightful and political purveyor of post-pulp pleasures going. He is the People’s Commissar of Awesome.”—China Miéville, award-winning author of Kraken and The City and the City
  • “Nick Mamatas’ brilliant comic novel, Sensation, reads like an incantation that both vilifies and celebrates the complex absurdity of the modern world.”—Lucius Shepard, winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy awards.
  • “The Majestic Plural, or Royal We, is well known—Sensation introduces the Arachnid Plural, the we of spiders, the ones that live inside you. The spiders care about you—deeply—and want to use you in a millennial war against certain parasitic wasps. No, I was wrong. The spiders only want to help. So let them in.”—Zachary Mason, the New York Times best-selling author of The Lost Books of the Odyssey

About the Author:
Nick Mamatas is the author of three novels, including Move Under Ground and Under My Roof, which have been translated into German, Italian, and Greek and nominated for the Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild awards and the Kurd Lasswitz Prize. Many of his sixty short stories were recently collected in You Might Sleep… As co-editor of Clarkesworld, the online magazine of the fantastic, he was nominated for the World Fantasy award and for science fiction’s Hugo award, and with Ellen Datlow is he co-editor of the anthology Haunted Legends. Nick’s reportage and essays on radical politics, digital society, pop culture and everyday life have appeared in the Village Voice, In These Times, Clamor, The New Humanist, The Smart Set and many other venues, including various Disinformation and Smart Pop Books anthologies. A native New Yorker, Nick now lives in the California Bay Area.

Product Details:
Author: Nick Mamatas
Publisher: PM Press (Spectacular Fiction Series)
ISBN: 978-1-60486-354-3
Published May 2011
Format: Paperback
Size: 8 by 5
Length: 208 Pages
Subjects: Science Fiction
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