Smash the System!

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Punk Anarchism as a Culture of Resistance
A collection of essays from all over the world about how anarchist punk has influenced and inspired resistance.


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434 pages of essays from all over the world about how anarchist punk has influenced and inspired resistance in many varied struggles. Punk and anarchism have been intertwined since punk first blasted into the public consciousness some 45 years ago, and, while the relationship is complicated (and not ubiquitous), anarchism has been identified as punk’s ‘primary political companion’  But, close investigation of the connections between anarchism and punk has been scant – it’s either taken-for-granted, lurks in the background of other topics of analysis, or is ignored completely. We’re going to change that, with the publication of four books about various aspects of the punk/anarchism relationship, this is the first!
Book details:
Title: Smash the System!
Subtitle: Punk Anarchism as a Culture of Resistance
ISBN: 9781914567131
Pages: 434
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Active Distribution
Publication date: January 2023
Foreword: Punk – dangerous utopia. Participants in the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective.
Introduction: Smash All Systems! Jim Donaghey, Will Boisseau and Caroline Kaltefleiter.
Chapter One. Punk in South Africa: Race, class, colonialism and capitalism. Kevin C Dunn.
Chapter Two. Kubazuela: Remembering a Caribbean anarchist punk connection between Cuba and Venezuela (‘with rum but without Coca-Cola’). Rodolfo Montes de Oca. Translated by Luke Ray Di Marco Campbell.
Chapter Three. Punk archive: Collectionism, memories and resistance in Brazil (1979-2000). Antônio Carlos de Oliveira.
Chapter Four. The meanings of anarchism in Brazilian punk: A socio-historical approach. João Batista de M Bittencourt and Tiago de Jesus Vieira.
Chapter Five. Anarchist punk and post-left anarchism in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay (1983-1993). Mariana Gabriela Calandra.
Chapter Six. The (anti-)neoliberalism of Chilean punk anarchism. Max Woods.
Chapter Seven. ‘I’m here, and don’t forget it’: Punk, anarchism, repression, and resistance in the Basque Country and Chile. Asel Luzarraga in interview with Jim Donaghey.
Chapter Eight. State liberation or state abolition? Czech punk between anti-Communism and anarchism. Ondřej Daniel.
Chapter Nine. WAR DANCE (fuck war, let’s dance): Anarchism, punk, and DIY music in Croatia since the 1990s. Marko Vojnić in interview with Len Tilbürger.
Chapter Ten. ΜΓΔ: The figure of the cop in the anarchic lyrics of Greek punk. Christos Marneros.
Chapter Eleven. ‘We spread the black flag around us’: The punk scene and the anarchist movement in Athens (late 1970s-2010). Yannis N Kolovos.
Chapter Twelve. The anarchist ethics of punk: The Punk Ethics collective in the UK. Jay Kerr.
Chapter Thirteen. Trans-feminist punk in the United States: Collective action, activism, and a libidinal economy of noise. Casey Robertson.
Chapter Fourteen. Anarchism and democracy in Indonesia: An underground perspective. M Rizky Sasono.
Chapter Fifteen. AS A PUNK DANGLING FROM THE VERTICAL SOCIETY: Punk in northern Japan as a ‘culture of transgression’. James D Letson.
Chapter Sixteen. ‘Anarchy in the PRC’: Anarchist practices and references in the Chinese punk movement. Nathanel Amar.
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