Sticker: Fuck Neoliberalism – the message

A rant against neoliberalism, as a 10.5×7.5cm sticker


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Simon Springer’s essay against the system, stickerised!

Fuck the violence it engenders.
Fuck the inequality it extols as a virtue.
Fuck the way it has ravaged the environment.
Fuck the endless cycle of accumulation and the cult of growth.
Fuck the desire for profit over the needs of community.
Fuck absolutely everything neolberalism stands for.
and Fuck the trojan horse that it rode in on! “


Sticker information:
Size: 10.5×7.5cm
Original artwork designer: unknown | words: Simon Springer
Sticker categories: economics | neoliberalism
Manufactured: UK, by a worker cooperative
Materials: FSC paper, recycled stock, vegetable inks
Adhesive side: reverse
Adhesion type: peel-back


Weight 1.8 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.5 × 0.01 cm

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