The Ego and His Own

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Described as the most radical book ever, this individualist tome challenges thousands of years of religious, philosophical, and political depreciation of the individual.


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Max Stirner’s The Ego and Its Own is striking and distinctive in both style and content. First published in 1844, Stirner’s distinctive and powerful polemic sounded the death-knell of left Hegelianism, with its attack on Ludwig Feuerbach, Bruno and Edgar Bauer, Moses Hess and others. It also constitutes an enduring critique of both liberalism and socialism from the perspective of an extreme eccentric individualism. Karl Marx was only one of many contemporaries provoked into a lengthy rebuttal of Stirner’s argument. Stirner has been portrayed, variously, as a precursor of Nietzsche (both stylistically and substantively), a forerunner of existentialism and as an individualist anarchist.

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