The Forgotten War Crimes

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State, Sovereignty, Ethnic Cleansing, and the Autonomist Revolution.
Zachary Gallant explores the Balkans and explores the interplay between nations, peoples, and the struggle for personal and collective autonomy.


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What do ISIS, wars in the Balkans, ethnic cleansing in the middle east, Russian expansionism, and the global refugee crisis all have in common? A series of bad treaties based on a flawed 300-year-old theory that dominates the world of diplomacy and international relations. Taking us back through centuries of largely-ignored international tragedies, The Forgotten War Crimes explores the dysfunctional foundation of modern sovereignty and the practical impact it has on the lives of billions of people, and its direct relation to the deaths of hundreds of millions, proposing a tried and tested, truly democratic alternative.

About the book:
ISBN: 9781909798991
Author: Zachary Gallant
Publisher: Tulipan Press
Page count: 322
Published: 2015

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