Now and After

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An a6 pamphlet where Iain McKay espouses what Anarchy would be like and how it can be created through fighting the current one


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What would an *anarchist* society be like? How can we achieve it? Is there any point in even thinking about it?

These, and other, questions are answered by Iain McKay woh discusses how what is wrong about now informs an appealing and plausible vision of after. Such a society will not fall from the skies – we need to fight for it. In so doing, we change both the world and ourselves, creating the framework of a free society while destroying the current exploitative and oppressive one.

Book details:
Publisher: Active Distribution
ISBN: 9781914567414
Format: Pamphlet- A6 –
Pages: 28
Author: Iain McKay
Subject: Political Theory, Anarchism, Opinion

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