The Victorian Vegan: Issue 2!

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Victorian society like you never saw it before! Discover restaurants, political visitors, communes and more – in this 38 page pamphlet from Cubes.


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The second issue of The Victorian Vegan examines life for the plant consuming fellows of 19th century Britain (but mostly London, England). Featuring the roamers, radicals, capitalists, cannibals, writers, ranters, and anti-vivisectors that be-speckled the height-and-nose-dive of english empire.

“Join us on a journey into the late 19th century, and some little known corners of meat-free living.
Victorian Britain saw a veggie boom in the 1890s, and we delve into the archives to bring you its most flamboyant characters, ambitious plans and hotly-debated topics. We meet two Indian visitors to Britain and hear their harrowing experiences of local cuisine. However, the young Mohandas Gandhi has his lifelong veggie convictions confirmed when by chance he finds a veggie restaurant on his wanders through the capital.

We venture out into the countryside to visit veggie communes, as forward-thinking pioneers flee the cramped polluted cities of the industrial age in search of the good life. We also meet a meat-free millionaire and football fan, whose progressive views (stretch) even to embrace the eight-hour working day. Imagine!

And in an age that bars women from the medical profession, we meet a trail-blazing, bad-ass veggie who challenged the establishment and laid foundations for the future.

From the sleuthing of Sherlock Holmes to the anarchists of Purleigh, these Victorian veggies provide an inspiration to us all, and show the breadth and depth, of meat-free living in the 19th century. ”


Publisher: Cubesville
Published: Feb 2024
Pages: 40 (inlcuding cover)
Format: A4 pamphlet, staple-bound, risograph print cover
Subject: Veganism, History (victorian england), Vegetarianism

Weight 92 g