Conserve and Control

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Can this Utopia be trusted? The second book in Otter Lieffe’s Margins trilogy. The dark side of a Queer Ecotopia.


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Can this Utopia be trusted?

The Year is 2118. The Forest, ravaged by climate change and the State, is now a protected nature reserve. The City is led by trans politicians and queer executives. Organic products are ubiquitous and sustainable technologies dominate.

But appearances can be deceiving.

Two ecology research partners with a tangled romance must defend the forest against a new wave of eco-developments. A rich conservation industry businessman and his underpaid guard venture into bold, kinky territory.

Co-opted and dispersed, the Resistance asks the difficult questions. what are we really sustaining and who gets left behind?


This novel can be read on its own or as part of a trilogy, in any order:
Margins & Murmurations
Conserve and Control


Book details:
ISBN: 9781909798977
Author: Otter Lieffe
Publisher: Active Distribution
Page count: 370
Format: Flapped paperback
Published: 2020
RRP: £10 / €12

About the Author:
Otter Lieffe is a working class, chronically ill, femme, trans woman and the author of sci-fi and other fiction works.
In 2019 her short story “Synergy” was published in Our Entangled Future, an anthology on social change and the climate crisis. In 2020 she released a colouring zine called Queer Animals, illustrated by Anja Van Geert. Otter’s short story, “Soft”, can be found in Glitter and AShes: Queer Tales of a World That Wouldn’t Die.

A Grassroots community organiser for over two decades, Otter has worked and organised in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America with a particular focus on the intersection of gender, queerness and environmental struggles.

Since publishing her first novel in 2017, Otter has been building networks to counter the systemic oppressions faced by working-class trans women. In 2018, she helped establish Books Beyond Bars UK, an LGBTQIA prisoner support group in the UK and in 2019 she launched a new organisation, Trans Feminism International, organising to meet the material needs of trans women.
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