I-5: A Novel of Crime, Transport, and Sex

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A novel of crime, transport, and sex, I-5 tells the bleak and brutal story of Anya and her eponymous journey north from Los Angeles to Oakland on the interstate that bisects the Central Valley of California.


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tells the brutal story of Anya and her journey north from Los Angeles to Oakland on the interstate that bisects the Central Valley of California.

Someone has lied to Anya, and because of these lies she is kept under lock and key, used to service men, and indebted for the privilege. In exchange, she lives in America. “Would she rather be fucking a dog…or living like a dog?” In Anya’€™s world, it’€™s a reasonable question.

It’s a macabre journey up the interstate: a drop-off at Denny’€™s, a patch of tule fog, a visit to a €œcorrectional facility,€ a rendezvous with an organ grinder, and a fiery entry into Oakland. Only one last task stands between Anya and the freedom promised when she was lured away from Russia.


About the Author:
Summer Brenner was raised in Georgia and migrated west, first to New Mexico and eventually to northern California where she has been a long-time resident. She has published books of poetry, fiction, and novels for youth. Her works include the noir thrillers from PM Press, I-5 and Nearly Nowhere; from PM Press/Reach and Teach, Ivy, Homeless in San Francisco, winner of the Moonbeam award; and Richmond Tales, Lost Secrets of the Iron Triangle, winner of the Historic Preservation award from the City of Richmond.


VOTED TOP TEN BOOKS OF 2009 – Los Angeles Mystery BookstoreTOP 50 BOOKS OF THE DECADE -€” BSC Review

  • “€œIt has a quality very rare in literature: a subtle, dark humor that’€™s only perceivable when one goes deep into the heart of this world’€™s absurd tragedy, or tragic absurdity.”
    — €”R. Crumb
  • “Anya is a wonderful, believable heroine, her tragic tale told from the inside out, without a shred of sentimental pity, which makes it all the stronger.”
    — €”Denise Hamilton, editor of Los Angeles Noir and author of the LA Times bestseller The Last Embrace 
  • “€œ…Brenner did not set out to update Ivan Desinovich [by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn], but the similarities are unmistakable. In both novels, the main characters are snatched from their families and delivered to remote places that function by a harsh new set of rules… [B]oth characters also exhibit a sense of agency that helps them retain their humanity in brutish surroundings… Amidst all the difficult questions, the lively depiction of villains and anti-heroes in I-5 make Brenner’s novel a thrill to read.”
    — €”Matthew Hirsch, ZNet

Product Details:
Author: Summer Brenner
Publisher: PM Press/Switchblade
ISBN: 978-1-60486-019-1
Published April 2009
Format: Paperback
Size: 5 by 8
Page count: 200 Pages
Subjects: Fiction, Thriller

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