The Darkening Light

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Ted Curtis’ 2014 novel, exploring the height of punk in the UK.


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In the spring of 1986 nine young punks travelled from Swindon to Wood Green in a beat up old van, to see Atavistic, Heresy, and others blow the socks off the London borough of Harringey. In the 24 hours that followed their lives would be forever changed. What was going to happen? Would it be the vegan revolution? A declaration of world peace? Or something more sinister? This cavort through the anarcho punk and hardcore scene of the mid 1980s pulls no punches. From the very first page, once you start reading this coruscating tale you won’t be able to stop, and by the time you finish your life will be changed too. If you think you were there, you weren’t. Whatever you think happened, whatever you remember, this wasn’t it. This is something else entirely, a perfect snapshot, a dishevelled stream of consciousness yielding a surprisingly moving and unabridged account of blackouts, nightmare bogs, and hardcore corrosion. It is an invaluable addition to the canon. Chaos with a heart.


The Darkening Light: Funny, dark, brilliant. Impossible not to read in one go.” – Helen Steadman
Check out this excellent interview of Ted Curtis, author of The Darkening Light, by Helen Steadman – from 2020.

Published 2014 by Itchy Monkey Press.
ISBN: 9781291746266

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