Chronicling The Times – Leon Rosselson (CD)


A biography in song: Leon Rosselson’s self-selected career-spanning tracks that encompass a life-long dedication to music for a better cause.


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Leon Rosselson has been performing as a singer and songwriter for over 60 years. For such a lengthy career, choosing only two LP’s worth of material proved to be a difficult task. But, completing the task at hand is exactly what Mr. Rosselson did; personally selecting seventeen career-spaning tracks (and specific versions of those tracks) to encompass a life-long dedication to music for a higher cause. Music that not only entertains, but also helps to enlighten and empower those in the fight for a better world. May the music found in Chronicling The Times continue to encourage and inspire that fight!


  1.     Song of the Old Communist
  2.     Stand Firm
  3.     Across the Hills
  4.     Ballad of a Spycatcher
  5.     Flower Power = Bread
  6.     She Was Crazy, He Was Mad
  7.     Topside Down Party
  8.     Rules of the Game
  9.     Postcards From Cuba
  10.     Bringing the News from Nowhere
  11.     General Lockjaw Briefs the Troops
  12.     Where Are the Barricades?
  13.     Talking Democracy Blues
  14.     Wo Sind Die Elefanten?
  15.     World Turned Upside Down (Part 2)
  16.     The Ghost of Georges Brassens
  17.     Stand Up for Judas
Product details:
Artists: Leon Rosselson
Publisher: PM Press | Free Dirt Records
Catalog No: PMA 023-2 | Dirt-CD-0108
UPC: 877746010828
Release Date: June 2023
Format: CD with booklet
Size: 5.5 x 5.5
Length: 78 minutes
“This man knows exactly how to turn good ideas into great songs, and always with such a command of language, whether it is the playful delight in wordplay of She Was Crazy, He Was Mad or the sharp-as-razors anger and analysis of Where Are the Barricades? His songs ask pertinent, not rhetorical, questions.”

Robb Johnson

“In many ways, Leon Rosselson is the embodiment of the original ideals of punk rock. His hair isn’t spiky, but his music is, using fearless wit and political integrity to highlight the hypocrisies of those in power.”
Billy Bragg
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