You’re Already Dead

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New edition of this classic Crass essay, now in a dinky A6 small booklet format. Pocket-size anarcho-punk.


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Originally handed out at CRASS gigs thirty odd years ago this angry tirade seems painfully relevant today.

“PUNK, doo wah, or do what?.  Either way  it’s become a part of the grand social circus. Dance music  for dickheads, or a genuine expression of our anger and our despair?. There’s such a fine line between that which simply adds to the plastic crap that engulfs our lives and that which offers vision, hope dignity and a FUTURE. Can you tell the difference?”
Written over three decades ago by the pioneers of anarcho-punk. This text seems all the more relevant today just with differently named puppets and masters.
Now republished by Active as an A6 booklet.
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