the free

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Fictional story, taking the downtrodden through drop-out and connect culture to a world fit to live in.


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There’s one thing Linda knows about, and that’s the longing to be free. Everywhere she turns, she’s hemmed in: by her teachers, by her Dad, by everyone who labels her a ‘bad girl’. But when she floors Sister Bernadette with a right hook, things really start the change . . .

This is Linda’s story, along with that of Barney, Macker and thousands of others. They are ‘the free’, spreading their Co-ops and Free Unions across the country. This book charts their rise and their eventual fate in a stunning tale of love and longing, anger and rebellion. And along the way it gives a glimpse of the brilliant new world waiting to be built on the ashes of the old.

Originally publsihed in 1986, this is the 1990 Attack International version.

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